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How exciting to be creating a post once again for one of my favorite sites ever – !  Our latest use of VolunteerSpot at my school is to help volunteer tutors sign up for after school tutoring slots.  I am working with a young lady that is developing a tutoring program at our high […]


The blog for the first part of the week was suppose to be about turkey meatloaves baked in muffin tins.  I made them for the family on Monday night but they were all eaten before I could take a picture!  I actually considered making them again just for the blog but that really doesn’t stay […]

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I used to have a dream of being a room mom.  I would know every kids name and create beautiful politically-correct winter parties.  I would know the ins and the outs of my child’s school and I would be on a first name basis with all the secretaries and janitors. I would help grade papers, […]


Childhood’s End

by MildlyManicMom on August 19, 2011

My father has an amazing ability to recall facts, formulas, stories and quotes.  He is a big science fiction fan and from the beginning of high school, whenever we would whine about things, he would tell us we just might be reaching childhood’s end.  Then he would encourage us to read the 1953 science fiction […]


Well, the end of my summer arrived abruptly this morning.  I know it’s hard to complain about the end of the summer when so many people work all year round but it’s still painful.  Trust me, you want the folks hanging out with your children to have a break.  I feel rested and excited and […]


The Mildly Manic Mom says goodby to elementary school.

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ADD, too?

by MildlyManicMom on May 30, 2011

The Mildly Manic Mom deals with an ADD diagnosis.


The perfect black bean soup recipe for Teacher Appreciation Day from the Mildly Manic Mom.


Happy Pi Day To All!!

by MildlyManicMom on March 14, 2011

A chocolate pie recipe to celebrate Pi Day from the Mildly Manic Mom.


Guiding my Asperger’s child through the school system – the Mildly Manic Mom.